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The pic on the left is the day Boris got to our facility, the pic on the right is two months later outside playing.

Unlike most rescues that deal with puppies or younger dogs? Time is never on our side. Since we deal with senior dogs, they suffer from old age. There no miracle drugs, there no magic wands, all we can do is try to control their problems, medically treat them so they stay comfortable, pain free and give them lots of love. We deal with things like collapse trachea, enlarge heart or heart disease, liver/kidney disease, cancer. We also deal with things like arthritis, oral/gum disease, hearing loss, cataract or blindness, even simple things like skin problems & hair loss.
Up at 3am comforting a dog or putting a dog on the nebulizer machine because they are having a hard time breathing is a norm around here. Giving medical 2/3 times a day is an everyday occurrence. Going to the vet’s office for tests, checkups, blood work, x-rays, medicine or to just talk? Is also a norm around here.

When we rescue a senior dog, the initial cost is normally between $200-$300 but the daily costs can be a lot more over time. Why do we do it? Because someone has to do it. These dogs have done nothing wrong accept get old. They don’t ask for much, they just want a warm place to sleep, something to eat and a little love. Isn’t this what everyone wants?
Please help us. Were not changing the world but were changing their world.