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LIFE AT THE OLD DOG RETREAT. Let me tell everyone about the life we live at the old dog retreat. You get an email or a phone call about a dog that needs your help. You go down to the shelter and there laying in a small cage is this little girl. You put your hand up against the cage and then you watch her dragging herself with her two front paws trying to get to you for attention. You know instantly that she is going to require a lot of medical expenses. What do you do? Do you walk away? How can you?

So you take her straight to your vet for full x-rays and blood work. You find out that she has a broken vertebrate, two fractured vertebrates and a broken femur. She’s also heart worm positive and she has cancer. What do you do? Do you put her down? That’s what the vet recommended but no, that’s... not what we do so we spent all our money so we could have more time with her to show her all the love that she deserved and never received.

Well after surgery, series of low level laser treatments, slow kill heart worm treatments and medications, you get to watch her walking around the house, going outside to lay in the grass and to enjoy the warm sun. You watch her try to sit up to beg for treats. You watch her as she lays next to you on the bed, always knowing that the cancer is still going to take her away from you.

Well, Bella lost her fight with the cancer, we lost the fight that we knew we couldn’t win. Spent hundreds to give her a life full of love and attention that only lasted 6 months. Would we do it again? We already have with Wilma. This is our life, this is what we face everyday, we can’t walk away but we can’t do it alone.

Without the financial support from others who feel that these old seniors deserve to live out their lives in a home with people that love them and will care for them, we can’t do it. Please help us, help them. Rest in Peace Bella and we’ll see you again.